So Monday rolled around and you found yet another reason to postpone it right?

Last week you promised you will do it by the weekend, for then you will have time

The weekend came and went, you said, Monday is usually the best time to start anything anyway

Here we are, and nothing yet, so what’s the excuse today?

Oh, so you don’t want to register for that program anymore, you changed your mind?

No wait, exercising isn’t really your thing, you will just wait and eat less?

Nah, I get it, you don’t have a printer, so you could not get your resumes printed out for those job vacancies

I know this one, wait, you have a headache, so no work today for the 5th time this month!

You have not called again? they’ve been in the hospital almost a month!

You forgot to visit the poor old senile grandma again, waiting for the news?

At some point you have to wonder, is it you or is it really the circumstances you talk about.

If not now, then when?

2 thoughts on “IF NOT NOW, THEN WHEN?

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  1. Great one! I do this all the time, and then years go by and I am still waiting for Monday to come for me to do whatever it is. I think fear has a lot to do with it even when we cannot pinpoint exactly where the fear is coming from. This was a wake up call for me, thanks again ma sister, Dino

    1. You are most welcome my Dino, indeed I was inspired by all the things I have postponed in my life, some I learned from, others I am still postponing, & it occured to me to think about the laundry list of examples that we as humans easily postpone, & some even deeper as it applies. Yes, at some point my dear, I think the underlying issue is fear. Fear of what I wonder? not being good enough, not succeeding, or if we succeed then what? Fear of rejection perhaps, or thinking it is not worth our time….I am glad this one inspired you too

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