So Master Foot said to the shoe, ” I need you once more, we have to take a walk”

The Shoe groaned, not again, we have been doing this for years now,

” Yes of course Master Foot, i’m always ready to be worn by you” groaning again.

The shoe thought, how much further is it going to have to stretch to accommodate the growing foot’s demands

You see, the leather on the shoe by now was worn out, you could see the threads through slits

The shoe had lost its shine, it wasn’t getting polished daily anymore, it was left out in the cold, rain, heat

It was so old now, it didn’t make it to the closet these days. There was a time it was cherished, worn everywhere,

that’s how it got so beat up, from overuse. Now, it was just a dependable shoe, reserved for the long walks,

no more trips to the ball like Mr Louboutin, no outings in the car like Mr Jimmy Choo in the closet.

Louboutin & Jimmy Choo can’t handle the marshland like me, he thought, they can’t stand a little grass or mud touching them

When Master Foot twists his ankle they don’t know how to expand & accommodate the sudden change in direction,

they are not dependable.

So, how come Mr Shoe doesn’t have a place in the top shelf closet like Louboutin & Jimmy Choo, why is dependable shoe outside in the weather

After this walk, maybe tomorrow, when Master Foot takes another walk, maybe I can finally pinch like Louboutin & Jimmy Choo


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  1. Hahaha! I was feeling very depressed today but this definitely brought a smile to my face Mama!

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