“The best things in life are free”

I wonder though, are they really free, or do we ignore the price we have to pay

because it is often worth it?


A smile, thank you, please, I beg your pardon, I love you, I apologize, 

you matter to me, your presence, laughter, your availability when needed, 

a shoulder to cry on or lean on,  a clap in the audience on graduation day, 

the last hand waving goodbye at the airport, the telephone call at midnight, 

a kiss, a hug, a squeeze, I will be there, moonlight, children playing

water on thirsty lips, dew-stained feet, horses & tigers in the wild…


The effect of these things on the receiver & the inner reward the giver

feels knowing this is welcome, are truly priceless. No amount of money

or battering can purchase the purity of these things when given in honesty

& received without prejudice.These things are not free,

they cost the effort we use to give or take them for us;

they are just too valuable to be be sold. So, maybe in the end, the best things

in life are free?


Add yours

  1. We give up lots in our lives everyday some quantified, others we lack the ability to measure, even if these things are so precious to us. We give them up sometimes not because we dont need them but because we realize it will make a greater impact to others at a given situation and time than it does for us.Some find gratification in giving while others appreciate when receiving.Its priceless when the heart feels how much its act is being appreciated but feels a sense of regret or anger (price)when the ”giving ” is accepted as an obligation. When we give up material things, we lose them to the benefit of someone else. Giving them up by itself is a price we pay for it but out hearts pull these price tags off as soon as the receiver shows or manifestes appreciation for it.How then do you attach a price tag on wisdom or knowledge imparted on us even when its difficult to judge how this is appreciated by the receiver?

    1. Wow, wow, wow. Very impressive and educative commentary Mr Raymond. I believe I am learning quite a bit. I love the analysis and example you expressed. Indeed, I failed to think of the angle of the negative price when a priceless act is not appreciated, all of a sudden, we feel the cost of giving it. Makes me think of when you have a wide smile as you approach someone in expectation, but you dont get the reaction from them, all of a sudden, a smile which is free & usually cause for joy, slips away from your face, replaced by hurt

  2. The best things in life are so precious, u cant really put a price on them. How do u put a price on the toothless smile of a baby which just tugs at ur heart? Just one example!

    1. Oh my goodness you got me with this precious simple example, my God even the coldest heart is melted by the sight of a baby’s grin! Definitely free and golden

  3. The true value is in the mind of the one who desires it most for a purpose. Don’t quote me just yet. I’ll give it my all to get what I value most. On the other hand, does it have more value just because I want it most? why not when I determine that its most useful to another when i give it up? Now lets think … together, I mean.

    1. Deep, thought-provoking indeed San Antonio. I did not look at this aspect before. Indeed is it more valuable because you other than someone else sees the value in it or even if it is deemed valuable by general consensus, or do we sometimes realise the value of what we had only when we give it up. You know, I believe most everyone can identify with your thought process, I can personally think of many ways in which this is so current. Either that car you traded in for a new one, now you can’t stand the new car’s color, or that location you left for another, thinking it was gonna be better, now you cant wait to go back home, or that love interest you had and let go, now you realize it was worth waiting for. On another note, I think of when one sees something, potential in something that others don’t, & because you take notice, make it priceless, now others start seeing it too. Great mind stimulating discourse San Antonio Tango. Thank you for visiting!

  4. Is it free based on the cost/price or the value of that “thing”, to anyone? In my opinion to believe its free is subject to the value we attribute to the “thing(s)”. No amount, be it worldly treasures or not, can equal the value I give the “thing(s)”.

    1. So then San Antonio, do I understand per you that the fact that no amount of worldly treasure can equal the value of the “thing/things in life” that you value, makes then thus priceless? So in this case, are they free from the perspective of the giver who gives without attributing a price to the priceless gift they offer or is it from the perspective of the receiver who knows that the gift is too valuable to be priced? Love your input, you got me thinking even harder hahaha

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