As the Angel made morning rounds

looking down unto earth at twilight

a teardrop so big welled up in his eyes,

he turned to the other angels and said,


” It is almost 5 o’clock in the morning,

a new dawn coming, no sign of change:

Baby sleeps again on the cold floor,

no blanket but her mother’s warmth,

Lady Love counts her tips,

her last customer left her bloodied,

The Teenage Boy cried again in his sleep,

no one heard him, no one home again

Mary weighs herself every hour,

she doesn’t recognize she’s all bones now

Tyrone can’t take the hate anymore,

he looks at his rope, is it finally time?

The thief makes one last run,

he doesn’t know  this will be his last

The rest snooze, no care for their neighbor

Soon they will awake, put on masks for another day

“Do we intervene once more?”

he asked his fellow angels


In my dream, I saw the Angels weep,

their tears forming a cloud of rain

Soon Baby, Lady Love, Teenage Boy,

Mary, & Tyrone will hurt no more

The Thief didn’t make it,

Angels couldn’t help them all

I guess at some point those that still live

must do the work ourselves


By Mah N Mekolle

8 thoughts on “WHEN ANGELS WEEP

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  1. Its not only our inaction but also ,our quest to make others feel even hopeless in the face of their own plights.How dare you want to be at the same level with me instead of creating a class difference which differentiates me from you. We are burdened by our desire to get everything for ourselves that most if not all the time, the pains and suffering of others go unnoticed as we pass them by.The fact that you are guilty vindicates you for you ignorance and a resolve to make it right ,what about those who think its nature’s order ?That the plight of others have been brought upon themselves by virtue of their sins on this earth and so giving them a way out will mean annoying the gods?The untold stories of our own is better seen by these Angels as they ponder why in the face of their sufferings,no one stops by to give them hope or comfort. Others want to be judged by the size of what they acquire as wealth not by the difference they make in the lives of others.

    1. Another great piece of analysis. You bring forth something interesting, that sometimes we may even believe that it is the natural order for these predicaments brought about by their sins. Indeed I have heard rhetoric like this spoken as a reason to cause people even more pain, so truth you do speak Mr Divine. Indeed the Angels wonder tearfully at the view from above, why our own kind cant stop our own pain. So much truth you say about the selfishness of man

  2. My friend, like you, I know we cant as individuals heal the world of its troubles but we can curb the Angels’ tears by the little we do. Lets yearn for THEIR satisfaction through our token and not what appears significant in our eyes to make a difference.

  3. What’s our purpose on earth? What do we, as individuals seek? Do we really care about our actions or does it matter that our neighbor gains little attention from us or that we are focused on what makes us better as individuals versus the whole? We can curb the tears by how we chose to live our lives … positively.

    1. Beautifully put comrade. I like the idea that we can curb the tears by how we chose to live our lives positively. I don’t know the ansswer to what our purpose is on earth, or the answer I have is just supposition but not sure or gospel truth. However, I believe the process of thinking on it, is paramount to achieving at least the first step in remembering life beyond ourselves alone. What say you? But why, do our neighbors still have reason to hurt so bad & in many ways while we are here alive to answer their call, why why

      1. True, my friend. For so long we have limited ourselves with thoughts … unending. How about a little gesture for the sake of HOPE to the others? Have we all gotten to the point where significance burdens our actions? I know the answer to this question … Yes. I know YOU have justifications for your inaction. Just save them and do me one favor … ACT. It isn’t too much to ask. Feeling GUILTY yet?

      2. As I ponder more on the cause for inaction, I wonder, is it that as human beings we really don’t act or that our actions are insufficient to curb our neighbor’s plight? Could it be, that when we concentrate on our brokenness, our own need for help, we therefore feel incapable of extending a helping hand? What’s in a helping hand by the way that it’s effects should be so under-looked or not enough. Guilty? slightly, that’s why some days if the least I can do is offer free words of encouragement, a shoulder to cry on, a smile, I hope it goes a long way to stop someone else’s hurt

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