Life hath no greater adversary than the one within

Inside us lies the power to self enrich or self destruct faster than external factors can

The cascade of a million thoughts every second & even in sleep

is testament to a machine that hath no rest period.

Calamity occurs when the sounds of these thoughts create a cacophony of

noise in our heads, leading to disastrous actions, rather than a sweet symphony

that paves the way for positive growth.

How does the force within work for you?


By Mah N Mekolle

3 thoughts on “THE FORCE WITHIN

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  1. interesting Mah – William George Jordan wrote “At each moment of man’s life he is either a King or a slave. As he surrenders to a wrong appetite, to any human weakness; as he falls prostrate in hopeless subjection to any condition, to any environment, to any failure, he is a slave. As he day by day crushes out human weakness, masters opposing elements within him, and day by day re-creates a new self from the sin and folly of his past,—then he is a King. He is a King ruling with wisdom over himself. Alexander conquered the whole world except,—Alexander. Emperor of the earth, he was the servile slave of his own passions.”

    Life can be one heck of a battle to the top!

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