Dear Bridge, the waters are troubled again

As he stood there, staring at his baby, the daughter he fathered

her eyes large circles of confusion, a mirror so deep into her soul

She looked at her Daddy in desperation, wondering, pleading

knowing he cannot leave her this way

Daddy always came to the rescue, she knew that from birth

there was no fall he did not witness, no scar he didn’t know about

this time will be no different, Daddy is always there for his daughter

He reached down onto the blanket where she lay, sick, confused,

afraid, tears rolling down her eyes, no appetite to eat, just pain,

he wrapped her in his arms, like he had done so many times before

With all his heart, all his might, he will be there for her

For when the waters are troubled, he will be her bridge

Hush little baby, you need not worry




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  1. As a dad, its a difficult and emmotional story to read but i equally know that once in that position, you are left with very limited choices to make. Daddy/daughter relationship has always been one of immense trust and protection. How often has he given up his own comfort just to make her happy? He will give away his last penny, cancel his outings, call off work time and stand by her when she needs him most. As a dad , you feel a sense of failing to meet your obligation towards her when she expects you most and you fail her. She takes it as a lack of love or concern which is one thing which has put father and daughter away from their mum.Its a calling which the dad assumes without being reminded for those who truely love their daughters. My heart bleeds for this family and do pray they will be able to submount the hurddle which lies ahead of them. As i read through this story , i think of my own daughter and am sure and confident that i could have done the same thing for her. This does not take away the pain from the mum ,on the contrary she is burdened by this thought of not only having a daughter who will have to go through this, but a husband about to surrender the liver. Its about her as she grows up . Her life becomes paramount to her dad in particular and parents as a whole over their own personal well being. How much more can a father give her daughter even if thats going to be his last gift?

  2. This poem was inspired by the news I got today of a friend’s 1 year old baby girl who is so sick she needs a liver transplant by the time she turns 2 this year. I automatically identified with what her Mom was feeling, & as I started to pen something from a mother’s point of view, I had a change in perspective to imagine what Dad must be going through, I can imagine him saying over my dead body nothing will happen to you. I hear one of the parents will donate their liver, oh my, talk about laying yourself down as a bridge over troubled waters

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