Life has a way of bringing us to our knees

Usually this event seems catastrophic, but,

in truth the precursor to it was as gentle,

like the soft caress of a feather on skin,

a whisper of warning that soon grows louder

a nudge to get our attention lest we head for the fire.

When we fail to heed these subtle warnings,

we get a scolding from life, & when we still don’t respect it

then the major life-altering event happens. If we are lucky

we survive it to learn and live a better existence. I heard

the universe say though, that some only realize at the final hour.

Do you feel your gentle warning, or are you already in your

catastrophic event? As long as you have breath, FIGHT BACK

2 thoughts on “THE WAKE UP CALL

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  1. very true Mah – echoes one of my favorite pidgin sayings… fowl weh yi no hear shhhhhsssssssshhhh, yi go hear gbam… the path to disaster sometimes is fraught with many red lights and warning signs but there is something about the human condition that predisposes them to ignore the signs… may we heed them!

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