Oh poor baby, why so sad,

I look in your eyes, and the world has taken your joy

Oh poor baby why are you upset,

I look at your face, and there’s no one there

Oh poor girl, why are you in pain,

I search your smile, and I see a ghost in its place

Oh boy boy boy, oh boy, why do you hide,

I see your profile, bravado and yet you are a shadow

Oh poor darling, why do you despair

I think I see you, but the you I see belongs to a past life

Mother, mother, mother, can anything else be a bother,

When life has been lived and death is nigh

is there a life you wished you had lived altogether.

Oh father, that at the end of the road you realized

that the journey had really just begun.

Ooooooh child, things are gonna get easier

Oh child of the world, be yourself your world

The great one lives in you, and it’s in Him that you will rest.


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