Have you thought about what it will mean to someone if you offered them the

gift of your genuine smile? Well, try it. You may even be needing one, and

you wonder, where will you find the heart to muster up a warm smile,

when your heart could possibly be breaking, hurt, sad, disappointed.

Yet, when we dig deep and offer someone else something that

means the world to them, we honor our own self. SMILE! You

just might find, that in meeting their need, you meet yours 🙂

2 thoughts on “THE WARMTH OF A SMILE

Add yours

  1. Absolutely!!!

    In the face of all the cruelty and violence taking place in our world today, the best we can do is take care of our tiny little corner of it. A smile and a kind word can cause huge ripples of good in our small pond.

    1. Thank you for that reinforcement of that message with such a relevant point. The news scares me, so sad all the time. Yes, let’s affect the space in the world we occupy with something free, a warm smile 😀

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