When we grow chronologically, there is no guarantee that we are also increasing mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. It takes intention, choice, and work to increase our level of understanding. The experiences we go through as night turns to day and day to night, provide the substance for the work. As we navigate the substance of life’s experiences, we fall, rise up, learn, strive harder, work harder and the cycle continues year after year until we die.

Learning is not always a given, we must choose to learn or see the lessons in our experiences. When we miss the lesson, life has a funny way of bringing us back to that learning curve until we get it and make better choices. If we are lucky, it rotates back to the same person so we do better, or it presents with someone different and we do better there; it does not matter who, it matters more what we learn from it.

We will always be challenged, we will always fall as long as we live, but our choice to rise when we fall is totally up to us. How we rise after a fall depends on what we lean on or use as a crutch. We can rise up kicking and screaming with rage, denying the truth, insisting on our righteousness, and many other defense mechanisms, or we can rise up in truth, acceptance, and change, knowing we have more lessons ahead to prepare for.

When we find that it is hard to let go then we need to pause, stop thinking about them, the circumstances, the job, the anger, the child, the bereavement, the divorce, – just STOP thinking externally. START looking inside. All those things that happened are done. Now it’s all about our intentional work towards spiritual growth and healing. It takes practice, it’s scary, and hard to face who we are, what we see about ourselves. Just remember, when we do it right, the result is an amazing self-love, self-respect and love for others. When you have learned to do your work, you won’t let anyone take that away from you, you protect your growth and help others respect it, all with love.

Ask yourself today, when it comes down to choosing, what are your choices? Do you choose what is just, or what is easy to swallow, do you choose to uphold truth in yourself and others, or slide it conveniently under a rug. What do you fear?

There’s peace in standing for something knowing you have done your best.


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  1. My dear Dino, you are definitely one of the wings beneath my wings in this journey, and lately as I write, I catch myself smiling at your feedback. Very few know the appreciation I have when I read from those who may have been touched by my writing in some way, no matter which direction. It also feeds and educates me, as well as it pushes me forward in this journey. I have to apologize for the sabbatical, needless to say, it was a needed spiritual break, to go through some fires and learn more in order to have more to share. Thank you for noticing my absence darling Di 🙂

    PS: I am currently changing out the look of the blog, will do more as the days go by, let me know what you think or what you will like to see if possible

  2. Funny how today I was just thinking about the fact that I had not read from you in a while. I opened up my email and I have not one, but two blog posts from you! How awesome! Yes, we have to choose to learn from our experiences, good or bad. And yes, I have had to relive a few experiences over and over again until I got the lessons. I always ask what the lesson is in every situation, especially the not so good ones. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

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